You send us your drawing documents, we procure the material, process the parts, ensure the correct coating in our facilities and monitor the entire manufacturing process until we will deliver the finished component to you on schedule.

With this uniform service, we offer you the opportunity to purchase finished assemblies from a single source. This creates additional flexibility and gives you the opportunity to fully concentrate on your core competence.

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machinery construction

The TEM process is used in the hydraulic-pneumatics, automotive, die casting and general mechanical engineering sectors.

The process can be used on the following components:

  • Burrs are located in hard-to-reach areas
  • Workpieces with maximum “burr-free” requirements
  • For a large number of different types and quantities, where a universal process is required.

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contract deburring

Flexibility - the key to success

We have been manufacturing machines for thermal deburring since 2004. In order to meet the increased demands of our customers, we have decided to set up a combined deburring and washing center in Luhden.

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