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We have been manufacturing machines for thermal deburring since 2004. In order to meet the increased demands of our customers, we have decided to set up a combined deburring and washing center in Tworóg.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Workpieces from machining
  • Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum,
  • Brass / Bronze,
  • Plastics (thermoplastics)
  • Zinc and aluminum die casting (removal of casting residues and flitter burrs)
  • Delivery of the workpieces: dry, free of grease and oil
  • Return delivery: deburred, cleaned and passivated


Thermal deburring is a process for removing production-related burrs, e.g. by milling and drilling. Workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, zinc die casting, brass and, to a large extent, plastics (thermoplastics) are suitable. The main focus is on complex milled and turned parts with internal bore intersections, zinc die casting and hydraulic and pneumatic parts. In the case of zinc die-cast workpieces, the removal of machining and casting burrs takes place simultaneously.

The advantages can be found in the process reliability, repeat accuracy and the high quality of the deburring.  All burrs are reliably removed. In addition, it enables the processing of bulk material in large quantities and creates very good conditions for particle-free operation.

In the TEM process, the material to be removed is burnt because a chemical reaction takes place between the material and the gas mixture. The components themselves are heated differently, approx. 60 degrees for aluminum and 130 degrees for steel. Their microstructure will not be changed during the process.

As a rule, the components have to be post-treated. This is performed by us on one of the most modern washing plants in Europe which enables us to run very fast cycle times in industrial washing and to maintain a very high quality of the washing result. With this cleaning system we offer a particularly efficient and economical process for industrial parts cleaning with environmentally friendly aqueous cleaning agents. If your components are subsequently subjected to a galvanic treatment, washing can be dispensed with.

We use machines with the PowerJet CNP process for this purpose, which guarantee parts cleaning with very high purity and only a low residual protection content, even with the most difficult component geometries. CNP (Cyclic Nucleation Process) extremely increases the cleaning effect in deep boreholes. Caused by this combined production process, we can efficiently and safely deburr and clean components with complex geometries and hard-to-reach areas. Test us and together we will solve your deburring problems individually at any time!

The essential advantages of TEM are high quality, the repeat accuracy as well as in the time and money savings. Deburring steel and cast iron, occurs oxide residuals. These residuals are removed by industrial parts cleaning. We use one of the most modern cleaning systems of a leading German manufacturer. Thermal deburring combined with parts cleaning offers you process reliability and reproducible quality for every workpiece.

Sustainably stable cleaning process for a plus in cleanliness!

Method Thermal deburring PowerJet system
Machine iTEM400 Size 670T5 Twin
Batch size Ø 250 x  300 mm –  Ø 400 x  600 mm max. 670 x 480 x 300 mm
  • steel
  • brass / bronze
  • stainless steel
  • synthetic materials
  • castings
    • (thermoplastics)
  • aluminum
  • zinc and aluminum die casting

Fine cleaning / degreasing

  • metallic particle size 100 – 300 µm (depending on material)
  • non-metallic particle size 250 – 450 µm (m”)
  • Stain-free / free of oil and grease (< 36 m N/m)
  • Unmatched cleanliness as chips and flitter burrs are oxidized
  • Reliable removal of burrs, adhering particles and deposits, even on several components simultaneously
  • Low energy costs and low expenditure of time
  • Unselective process because the gas washes around everything
  • Process-safe removal of oxide residues after thermal deburring
  • Cleaning with ultrasonic support
  • Highly efficient pressure flood cleaning in the
  • Pressure range 14 – 18 bar
  • CNP technology for perfect cleaning of capillary structures and complex geometries
  • Dryness up to the narrowest capillary spaces



Manufacturers who are producing components with complex geometries face the daily challenge of efficiently and safely deburring and cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as undercuts and blind holes.

To meet these requirements, ATL Anlagentechnik GmbH offers a new system that enables effective deburring of individual parts, small batches and mass-produced goods combined with partial, targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying. Our cleaning system uses the CNP process (Cyclic Nucleation Process).

This vacuum cleaning process offers particular strengths in the cleaning of capillary structures and complex geometries.

CNP washing technology guarantees uncompromising cleanliness of your components.


  • Deburr and clean components with complex geometries, hard-to-reach areas efficiently and safely
  • Combination with global cleaning and drying in rotation process
  • More efficient process through energy saving and resource conservation
  • Lower share of chemicals
  • Lower process temperatures
  • Reproducible quality
  • CNP Technology (Cyclic Nucleation Process)
  • Cleanliness results that exceed the standard


  • Hydraulics / Pneumatics
  • Automobile industry
  • Zinc / aluminum die casting
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Thermoplastic materials