TEM deburring

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The TEM process is used in the hydraulic-pneumatics, automotive, die casting and general mechanical engineering sectors.

The process can be used on the following components:

Burrs are located in hard-to-reach areas
Workpieces with maximum “burr-free” requirements
For a large number of different types and quantities, where a universal process is required.
Reliable removement of burrs after mechanical processes such as drilling, milling, turning and grinding.
Deburring of zinc die casting parts.

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In the TEM process, the material to be removed is burnt because a chemical reaction takes place between the material and the gas mixture.

For this purpose, the workpieces are placed in a bell-shaped deburring chamber which is closed hydraulically by means of a sealing plate. A precisely defined mixture of fuel gas and oxygen is fed into the deburring chamber via a gas dosing system and will be ignited. During the subsequent combustion, temperatures of 2,500-3,300 °C are generated. The burr to be removed reaches its ignition temperature and reacts with the excess oxygen in the deburring chamber. This leads to a complete combustion of the burrs within 20 ms.

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